JRF Equestrian​ 

Wendell, NC

Hunter -- Jumper -- equitation -- Horseback Riding Lessons -- Boarding : Contact info 860-655-7520 

JRF Stall Board: $525- Equine will be provided a stall and will be turned out regularly as weather permits and management discretion. Equine will be fed premium grain and hay twice a day.

Practice rides:​ Available to those who are approved by JRF Equestrian at a of $25 per hour per ride on a first come first serve basis.

Four one-hour lessons per month
Basic Group on your horse: $150.00   on another horse: $190.00
Basic Private on your horse: $180.00  on another horse: $220.00

Tiny Tots-Four 1/2 hour lessons per month

Private lesson: $110

Eight one-hour lessons per month
Deluxe Group on your horse: $290.00  on another horse: $370.00
Deluxe Private on your horse: $350.00 on another horse: $390.00

Professional Training
Four Rides per month                   Basic: $140.00                                            

Eight Rides per month                  Basic Plus: $260.00    
Twelve Rides per month               Deluxe Plus: $400.00

Professional Showing
One day show                             $50 per rider/horse combination
*Two day show                           $100 per rider/horse combination
*Three Day Show                        $150 per rider/horse combination
*Plus Hotel and Travel Costs if needed