Testimonial 6/5/2016

The barn is my happy place. Whenever I have a bad day or bad week, I go to the barn and heal. The trails are magical. They are wide and wooded. We have a rule about the trails: you must leave your worries, stresses, troubles, and problems at the trailhead. (We really should put a bucket out there.) On your way back to the barn you may pick them back up or not, as you choose.

Tango is my first horse. I’ve wanted a horse since I was five and ridden since I was twelve, but Tango is my first horse. I’m a good rider, but don’t know the fundamentals about taking care of a horse. I depend upon Jana totally for that. She has kept his weight up (He tends to be skinny.), watches for any problems, and texts me immediately. When I have questions, she has answers. She tells me he is her favorite. (She also tells my sister that her horse is her favorite. I’m scared to ask anyone else.)

The barn is always neat and clean, as are the stalls. The horses are well-fed, watered, turned out regularly, and kept inside when weather dictates. I never worry about Tango’s welfare. Jana takes care of him as if he were her child.

One of the best things about this barn is the people. I love every person here. There is no barn drama. We have a variety of disciplines and breeds. Each is respected and honored. We have riders who are focused on honing skills and others who just want to ride the trails. We have a variety of age groups and abilities (horses and people) and we find joy in each. We are a very eclectic group and we rejoice in that. Other than my family, this is the best bunch of people I’ve been grouped with. I believe much of that comes from Jana and her vision for her barn. Thank you, Jana.

Pamela Becker

I started taking lessons with Jana when I was 44 years old.   We started with how to get the horse from the pasture.  After four years, I own two horses and lease a third.  I have learned to walk, trot, canter and even jump. Now, I’m trying my hand at Dressage and absolutely love it.  Jana is a fantastic teacher for all levels and all ages.   With no riding experience, it has been a challenge for her to put even basic skills into terms I can understand, but she has been extremely patient and creative in helping me get the most from the horse and the most from my riding experience.   My lessons are so much fun.  In fact, they are the highlight of my week.  I only wish I had started riding earlier.    If you are thinking about giving riding a try, you should call Jana.  It might just change your world.  It certainly did mine. 

~ Sarah Ellerbe


JRF equestrian is a quiet, peaceful and lovely place to Board and ride.  Jana takes excellent care of my horse and he is very happy there.
The trails are on private land and riding on them is wonderful.
The farm also has a large outdoor and indoor arena.  There is a nice wash stall with hot and cold water.
The barn is always kept very clean.
I highly recommend Jana France and JRF equestrian.

--Kim Hendren

JRF Equestrian​ 

Wendell, NC

Dressage--Hunter -- Jumper -- equitation -- Horseback Riding Lessons -- Boarding : Contact info 860-655-7520 


Our daughter, Abbey, took up riding a little over a year ago.  At her first lesson I knew immediately it was going to be something that she would love for years to come as she was so engaged in learning from Jana and they shared a kinship from the get-go.  At that lesson Jana handed her a hoof pick, taught her all about the horse's hooves and how to use it.  Talk about a dirty job, but our girl was intrigued and carried on.  I was amazed at how she went with the flow, and it was great to see her being taught various responsibilities early on.  She moved on to learning about brushing and tacking up the horse, understanding the intricate parts used in that process and eventually she was leading the horse on the reigns to the ring.  When she finally got to get up on that saddle to ride I could see how thrilled she was.  

Since that time, Abbey has learned to walk, trot, jump and is starting to canter with the horses that's she rides, and that thrill is still beaming on her face every time she is in that saddle.  She takes it seriously, not just because of her instinct, passion for this sport, and her desire to grow as a rider, but because of Jana's direction, fun approach and the connection they share.  Abbey recently competed in her first show with JRF, and we are such proud parents of this little jumper rider who displayed such bravery, control and eagerness and took home ribbons that she barely wait to hang up on her wall.  The last year has been an awesome ride with JRF Equestrian for her and for our family, and we attribute that to Abbey's trainer, Jana.

Another great part about her lessons (besides her time with Jana and the amazing equestrian pals she's made along the way, of course) is that it's a scenic, laid back atmosphere where friends and family can gather to watch riders grow, learn along the way and appreciate this sport together. We highly recommend lessons with Jana and JRF Equestrian.