CRF Dorito "Dorito"

2006 Welsh/ TB Gelding

​13.3 Hands

Level: Extreme Beginner to Advanced

​Dorito is a showman that's for sure! He likes to show the big shows and doesn't except anything less.  He has participated in the IEA program but prefers a bigger venue.  With the right rider, Dorito can earn the highest of awards.  However there is a gap between riding levels... Dorito likes teaching the extreme beginners where he can connect with the trainer and work as a team.  He also likes the more advanced intermediate riders where they can understand his personality and compete to the level he exceeds at. 

Abracadabra "Abbey"
​2010 Welsh Mare
​13.2 Hands

Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

Abbey was brought to JRF as a training for sale project from CRF.  Elisabeth Brewer worked hard to break and train her to the point where all of JRF fell in love with this mare. Jana decided to keep her for the program based on her smart and willing attitude.  Although she took a while to start, she learned the basics and she has excelled in her training since. This mare is learning the show routine and is doing great with her kids in the ring. Abbey is available to half lease to the right kid looking to show. 

Ya King "King"

1992 Arabian Gelding

14.1 Hands

​Level: Beginner to Intermediate

​King lives up to his name that's for sure!  King offers a slower paced trot and canter to help kids learn. Although King is getting up there in age, you can still bet he has tons of spirit and years left of teaching.  King enjoys his job and looks forward to his lessons.

Humphrey Bogart "Humphrey"

​2008 QH/Welsh Gelding

13.1 Hands

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

​From teaching the very little ones to showing every weekend, this special guy is as consistent as they can come!  He has experience in the hunters and jumpers but offers a good mind to show in both rings.  He can babysit up to the 2 foot and that's why this little guy will always be with our lesson program!

MaryLoo "Mary"

​2001 Thoroughbred Mare

​16.2 Hands

Level: ​Intermediate to Advanced

​Mary knows her job and likes a rider who is willing to allow her to do it.  Mary likes a rider who can stay out of her way and ride through their seat.  On the flat Mary is easy and straight forward.  Over fences, Mary knows the lines and which stride to take to make it to the other side.  This mare will jump anything in front of her, she LOVES it! Mary is a good mover and will jump her course with auto lead changes.  Mary is best suited for a rider looking to show 2 foot up to 2 foot 6 inches.

CRF Every Kiss Begins with Kay "Kay"

​2008 QH Mare

15.2 Hands

​Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Kay is the most consistent horse at the barn, she is who she is and understands when she needs to take over when a rider is a bit timid. however, with a confident rider, the sky is the limit! Kay loves to work and has a forward pace making it easy to learn how to get down the lines.  Kay loves to jump and go out on our cross country course.  Kay is an overall favorite at the barn. 

JRF Equestrian​ 

Wendell, NC

Hunter -- Jumper -- equitation -- Horseback Riding Lessons -- Boarding : Contact info 860-655-7520 

​Little Miss Impressive "CRF Rachael"

2002 QH Mare

15.2 Hands

Level: ​Beginner to Intermediate

This is our go-to mare from beginners to those looking to show, "Rach" is the horse to do it!  She has been used in the IEA program and has shown to be a great ride! She also loves her job and prefers to teach than be roaming the pasture.  Rach is the absolute perfect horse to have in any program and worth her weight in gold.